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Mar 02,  · Free Essays on Classroom Learning Vs Experiential Learning Essay Classroom learning vs. Internet-bassed teaching – compare. Late nineties has become a ground-breaking period for education market. E-Learning vs Conventional Learning. E-learning refers to a mode of learning wherein the learning resources are provided electronically. The instructor often fails to give equal attention to each of the students and hence, passive learning takes place. This is the biggest disadvantage of classroom learning. Difference between eLearning and Classroom Learning. 1. Social Interaction. Social interaction and communication among colleagues, students, & instructors tend to be one. According to E-learning vs Traditional Classroom Instruction (), distance learning allows solve several problems inherent in traditional teaching methods. Its main advantage is in solving the problem of access to education, which means general availability of . E-Learning v The Classroom Essays: Over , E-Learning v The Classroom Essays, E-Learning v The Classroom Term Papers, E-Learning v The Classroom Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Get Your Custom Essay on Traditional Learning vs. Online Learning Just from $13,9/Page Get Essay Not only do schools have to be concerned with which type of learning is best for their students but also which type of learning is best for their faculty as well.

The majority of people desire to use this technology and benefit from these advancements in order to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills.

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As a result, the way of learning has changed, for students used to study in classrooms by using books and discussing the important issues with their lecturers face-to-face. Now, however, they may not need to go to the university at all. There are some people who earned their degrees and they have never gone to the university or met their instructors. Therefore, this essay aims to compare between e-learning and traditional face-to-face learning by exploring the advantages and disadvantages of these pedagogical learning styles.

E-Learning Versus Traditional Classroom

To start, e-learning is defined as interactive learning in which students learn through the usage of computers as an educational medium. Students who study online usually gain automatic feedback about their own activities. The focus of e-learning is usually on the learning of content rather than communication between students and instructors.

According to Hassenburg, e-learning covers a wide set of applications and processes. These materials include multimedia online activities such as the web, internet videos CD-Rom, TV and radio. Students, therefore, are expected to be able to use these materials to teach themselves In the recent past, for about twenty years, e-learning has been used in almost every educational institution; including primary and secondary schools as a positive step towards improving performance, and enabling learners to be more efficient and autonomous.

Surely to the separate classroom is different from traditional classrooms in several ways; one obvious difference is the place. According to Broadfield, classroom learning requires a number of students personally to attend. The role of teacher is to teach his students different subjects and different skills.

Whereas online learning allows students to learn anything from wherever the learner has access to a network connection, including home, library, job and so on Broadfield states that learners have the ability to choose the most convenient schedule in regards to their free time opposed to the more restrictive demands of attending a physical classroom.

The time for classes in traditional classrooms is based on curricula which are usually controlled by government.

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  • It is certainly true that the introduction of computers into of the education curriculum has become one of the most significant developments for both students and teachers.

    In addition, teachers are increasingly encouraged to use new advances in communication technology. However, Dell, Low and Wilker claim that separate classes with self direction, freedom, and autonomy do not guarantee positive gains in instructional objectives due to minimal social interaction and minimal student and teacher expertise with the technology These particular aspects will then be broken down and discussed by focussing on aspects that are most relevant to the educational context.

    This freedom that students take as an advantage has been increasingly questioned in relation to a number of issues, such as decreased socialization of its learner.

    In other words, distance learning has increased students self-direction and autonomy which means that students need to take more responsibility for their own learning. By comparison, classroom teaching provides students with the opportunity to have real social interaction with one another. In his article Distance Education Versus the Traditional Classroom , author Hassenburg claimed that there was a certain atmosphere in being physically present and interacting with a human teacher in a set time and place that was crucial to learning Another disadvantage of online learning is that learning online requires from students and teachers to be familiar with the communication technology which they use if they want to make progress and achieve their aims, otherwise they are just wasting time.

    In comparison, the ICT needs of traditional teaching require just basic skills. However, the traditional classroom has not all been positive.

    Many studies have criticized that the amount of students in one classroom may not give a chance to students to participate who are shy about communicating with their teachers in front of peers.

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  • Online learning gives these types of students a greater opportunity to communicate by email or chat, far from a physical classroom. Obviously, it can be seen that both e-learning and the traditional classroom have their own positives as well as negative qualities.

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    Moreover, the role of the teacher is important. In conclusion, e-learning offers great promise for enhancing the quality of education beside traditional classroom. However, not only separate learning but also face to face learning has advantages as well as downsides. In that case, many researchers believe that the combining two pedagogical methods can be effective ways in improving educational future.

    Traditional Learning vs. Online Learning Essay

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