Erosion of human values essays on abortion

Erosion of human values essays on abortion

So, in Lentin’s worldview, Irishness is not only a fiction, but a racist, white supremacist fiction. Lentin’s advice to the Irish, should they wish to rid themselves of the delusion of peoplehood, is to enagage in mass celebrations of “diversity and integration and multiracialism and multiculturalism and interculturalism,” Ibid., (R. Lentin, After Optimism?

The delegation almost certainly originated in Normandy, where Jews thrived under a symbiotic financial relationship with William the Conqueror. William, of course, had introduced Jews to Anglo-Saxon England thirteen years before the approach to Tairdelbach, leaving open the possibility they could have travelled directly to Ireland from one of these new Jewish enclaves in England.

This was a pattern that had hitherto been witnessed throughout Europe. They would not be able to form a community in Ireland for several centuries.

He enjoyed close relationships with the Irish church, and the church in England, and was patron to a number of religious figures and scholars. He was almost certainly a literate and educated man, and his decision to expel the Jewish delegation may have been based on a body of knowledge rather than mere instinct.

But more than that paradox, there is also a certain kind of cultural knowledge at work here. And Jews are not suitable for residence in Ireland — they should be expelled from the country. The impression is therefore that Tairdelbach was a savvy and selfless leader, who sought the good of his people more than the good of his own short-term financial situation.

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In common with the Norman invasion of England, Strongbow was financed by Jews, in this case an England-based Jewish financier named Josce of Gloucester. After the Norman invasion, the new Norman elite brought a small number of their Jews into Ireland, primarily for financial activities at ports rather than large-scale settlement. By following in the wake of the Normans and the English, the Jews have certainly placed themselves on a dubious historical trajectory in relation to the Irish.

But perhaps nothing seen in the past compares with what is seen in the present. Because it is globalism that has now invaded Ireland, and Jewish activists are shaping the thought and policies of the new global-imperial culture.

Mass Migration and Indoctrination. Between and , the proportion of the Irish population born abroad rose from 5. Garner Ireland and immigration: explaining the absence of the far right. Patterns of Prejudice , 41 2 —, 5. Given the relatively small population of Ireland, if the current pace of immigration persists, the Irish stand to be overwhelmed in their ancient homeland in the coming decades.

African and Muslim cab drivers have also been behind a large and growing number of rapes and sexual assaults for example, see here , here , here , here , here , here , here , and here. Today we have a wide range of diversity and faiths and that increases the need to have hate crime legislation.

More migrants mean more laws to protect those migrants from criticism. In , some years after Tairdelbach expelled the Norman-Jewish delegation, a young Jewish sociologist arrived in Ireland from Israel. Ronit Lentin, the sociologist in question, was Associate Professor of Sociology in Trinity College Dublin until her retirement in Feminist Review , 1 , — Lentin, After Optimism?

In some senses, then, Lentin introduced the concept of an Irish racism. Her first step in assuring the Irish that they were indeed racist was to deny their existence as a people. Quite who had developed this theory of the Irish, and when, was never specified by Lentin, nor did she attempt to show that the white, Christian, and settled status of the vast majority of the Irish population was anything other than a matter of fact and reality. It appears to have sufficed for Lentin simply to assert that Irishness was nothing but a theory, and to leave it at that.

Shatter, an Irish-born Jew, has been discussed previously at The Occidental Observer , but not since His first targets in government were the weakening of legislative controls that helped maintain stability in the family via the Judicial Separation and Family Law Reform Act , and the gradual erosion of highly conservative Irish laws on contraception by writing the satirical tract Family Planning — Irish Style , featuring mocking illustrations designed by co-ethnic artist Chaim Factor.

He has also been a strident pro-abortion activist since at least , and a very early proponent of homosexual marriage and the adoption of children by homosexuals he was essentially the author of both bills.

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Shatter was also central to the founding of the Oireachtas Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, something he then used as a vehicle to pursue Zionist-friendly objectives. His urbane Jewish background appeared to put him at an advantage, freeing him from the baggage that weighed on his Catholic counterparts. But it was in his efforts in the field of immigration that Shatter demonstrated real revolutionary zeal.

Between and , Shatter utterly transformed the Irish citizenship process, personally granting Irish citizenship to 69, foreign nationals. In August he took steps to expand the Irish asylum process, citing the Syrian Civil War as the reason but later conceding that the highest number of asylum applications was actually coming from Nigerians and Pakistanis.

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Many of these asylum seekers, primarily Nigerians, have gone on to terrorise and assault their hosts, while others have been noted as publicly masturbating in their cabs during rush hour while they wait for customers. In , Shatter proposed a new bill that would grant an amnesty to the thousands of illegal immigrants accumulating in Ireland.

This recent migration … has had a transformative impact on Irish society — and, for the better. Persons of non-Irish origin are playing an increasingly important role in many walks of life, not least in sport, and have greatly enhanced the social, cultural and economic fabric of our society.

Erosion of human values essays on abortion

It is important that Ireland remains a nation which welcomes those who have already settled here and will do so in the future. It is equally important that we adapt to the increasingly diverse nature of Irish society. When Shatter was forced to resign in May following a policing controversy, it was the incomplete state of his immigration reforms that he told the press was one of his biggest regrets.

He added:. Unfortunately, the Bill I thought I would see published at least 18 months ago was on the back-burner waiting to be dealt with … There was also great pressure to try and fragment that legislation and deal solely with the asylum issue and not deal with the very important reforms needed in the immigration area. I was concerned if we dealt with the asylum area alone, we would never see the comprehensive Bill that is needed.

Although Shatter was forced into early retirement, much damage had already been done, and his legacy will continue. Just be sure to hold a referendum on inbreeding first. Genetic studies have shown the Irish already possess a diverse gene pool in the form of genetic clusters of Scandinavian, Norman-French, British, and Iberian origin. We can be sure that Lentin and Shatter would say the same thing.

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  • Perhaps they love the Ireland of gay pride parades and the arid metallic stench of the abortion mills. Perhaps they love the Ireland touched by Nigeria, the one sprinkled with mosques, and where young White mothers hang themselves in homeless despair while asylum seekers are housed and fed mere yards away. The problem of the competitive human herd scavenger is mostly envy, its greatest motivator.

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    Vengeance is Mine! Spake their swarm intelligence. So now, as the White Empire reaches its Mouse Utopia, they go in for the kill. You have to get a bit into the psychopathic mindset to really understand this, most people will be unable to. They want to eat, nothing else, as much as those who will replace them, and the Socialist Global Society will effectively end human evolution for good. That and nothing else is the ultimate goal of all Egalitarianism.

    Erosion of human values essays on abortion

    It also fulfills a prophecy, with the Chosen ending up on top. Yay-hay, we took your shovel! I was born and raised in Ireland. Many of the members of my family have settled in various countries all around the world.

    In Ireland, almost everyone I meet is a person of White European descent. My elder sister married a dentist from Nigeria and they have very cute kids. If you experience diversity in your every day life, you will have regular exposure to people, cultures, traditions, and practices that are unlike your own. You will learn the skills to communicate and interact with communities and concepts that you are unfamiliar with and gain a more worldly view.

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  • Diversity is colorful! What if everyone who surrounded you was exactly like you, in every way? Where is the fun in that? We need new ideas, views, and practices to stimulate and inspire us, to show us the way others eat, celebrate, and love! In Ireland, we can make a beautiful society with people from all parts of the world and we have had a high level of immigration for quite some time and it has been a major factor in the economic growth for the past 2 decades. We are not called Celtic Tiger for no reason.

    Together, our differences make us a strong, beautiful, world community. Meanwhile back in Ireland, the Irish find their once peaceful, polite, civilized nation no longer safe, polite, or civilized:.

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    Your lack of dopamine stimulation is not nearly enough to justify a foreign genetic and ethnic presence and all of the political, social, and genetic destruction that comes with it.

    Travel, wait to age, or get a hobby are the rational alternatives. You have racially and politically destructive half-negroes as nephews and nieces, and your sister gets dicked-down by a nigger with monkey genetics every night while you approve. We live in the most multicultural nation on the planet. I live next to chaos.

    People are all the same in terms of any excitement they offer. The difference lies in how functional their minds are toward civilized thinking and behavior, as well as the racial and political damage that they can do to the adjacent tribes. To wit, there is zero value for White people to live long-term among people from different parts of the world.

    There is only net downside. Enjoy your miscagenated kids who can only side with the political contingent that is fundamentally hostile to the very existence of the rest of your White family.

    Stripping away the obvious hyperbole in your proposition, the reality of that community would be heaven. Assuming that you are whom you say that you are. Life is not about your fun, moron.

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    You sacrifice everyone else for fun? Niggers and Indians who cannot run their own nations are not going to bring you new functional ideas. The rest of your statement is moronic. Given that, maybe the Irish deserve their prior label as the niggers of Europe.

    The diverse parts of the USA are social dystopias and hellholes.

    Erosion of human values essays on abortion

    Diversity will not have a different effect on Ireland. Go to India to satisfy your ideology. Who cares?