Research paper on manhattan project

Research paper on manhattan project

Type: Research Paper Extract of sample "History of the Manhattan Project" Download file to see previous pages This paper examines the Manhattan project which led to the creation of the atomic bomb. The paper would evaluate the detailed history of the Manhattan Hermistoncoby. Essay Instructions: This paper must be in the form of a historiographic essay on the topic of the manhattan project. it should include a brief summary of the manhattan project but should focus on the major historians as listed below in the research materials. the paper should be a critical history of the manner in which the historians have approached and interpreted the manhattan project. it. Born out of a small research program begun in , the Manhattan Project eventually employed more than , people, including our foremost scientists and thinkers, and cost nearly $2 billion?and it was operated under a shroud of absolute secrecy.

Manhattan Project

The success of this project would forever change the world forever making it known that something this powerful can be manmade. The University of Chicago in Illinois had a huge role with the making of the atomic bomb. Thus leading into the use of the atomic bomb, but first the construction, an event referred to as the Manhattan Project.

Research paper on manhattan project

Early , the scientist of the world learned that German scientist had discovered a way to spit a uranium atom, created a bomb that was capable of the destruction. The Manhattan project was one of the many secrets the Government kept from the United States until after the damage was done.

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  • What was the Manhattan Project? The manhattan project was a multi-billion dollar enterprise, 2. Military forces with the single most destructive weapon known to man; the atomic bomb.

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    The project was to be a kept at high secrecy from. On Monday July 16th, , a countdown for the detonation of the first atomic bomb took place near Los Alamos, New Mexico.

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  • This atomic bomb testing would forever change the meaning of war. As the atomic bomb was detonated it sent shock-waves all over the world.

    The Manhattan Project Essay

    There was endless research done on the bomb in the United States. It began the development of the atomic bomb and other nuclear weapons that were of good help during the war. It first began with a German scientist separating the uranium atom, which made people be scared of what Hitler might be capable of.

    Also Hitler and his people had begun discovering new types of weapons that were useful for them in the war.

    Research paper on manhattan project

    Something that apparently Hitler did not quite think about, was the. The world was shocked when the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in The Manhattan Project was a crucial development by the United States because it quickly ended the war with Japan. The letter outlined the need. As the atomic bomb was detonated, it sent shock-waves across the globe, which demonstrated that nuclear power would forever change the meaning of war.

    To create a nuclear bomb, nuclear fission must occur.

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  • The process. Before the Manhattan Project, in the beginning there were many advancements in understanding made in the world of physics. These resulted in the recognition of nuclear fission and its potential as an energy source and as a potential weapon. Of these advancements none was more central and important than the development of the nuclear model of the atom, which by the year of contained a nucleus containing most of the mass of an atom in the form of two particles, protons and neutrons.

    This nucleus.

    The Manhattan Project

    Albert Einstein was undoubtedly one of the geniuses of the twentieth century. His work with gravity, relativity, light, and the universe helped to herald in a golden age for the study of science, of which scientists are still marveling at and studying today.

    Additionally, he was well-known for his participation in the Manhattan Project and the construction. Although the Manhattan project was a bomb it was the psychological effects of the two bomb droppings that did more damage than the actual destruction caused.

    The projected was started through United States concern that the Germans were developing a similar weapon. It was kept a well guarded secret and when it was used for the first time on a city caused a horrible shock.

    Manhattan Project - Research Paper Example

    The decision to use the bomb was not made lightly and had many different reasons behind it. It was made especially hard after seeing.

    It was named after the Manhattan Engineer District of the U. An atomic bomb is a weapon that uses the energy from a nuclear reaction called Fission for its destruction.

    Manhattan Project Essays and Research Papers

    John D. Cockcroft and Ernest Walton confirmed this by experiments in Then in , nuclear fission was discovered by German scientists, and it was feared by many of the U. The bomb uses a device called an altimeter to measure how far it is from the ground.

    Research paper on manhattan project

    It sends out radio frequencies which are bounced back to it. Microchips in the bomb determine how far it still has to fall, and when to detonate. The bombs also have fuses in the front which arm! They are not inserted until the bomb is ready to be launched.

    The Manhattan Project

    Before this bomb was developed, another kind was proposed. Uranium could capture a neutron and become Uranium All uranium has 92 protons. U has neutrons, and the added neutron raised the mass to But U is very unstable and it decays to neptunium 93 protons, neutrons , and plutonium 94 protons and neutrons.

    Plutonium was fissionable, and could be separated from uranium by chemical techniques much easier than physical process of separating the different isotopes of and of the same element. The first successful reactor was made at the University of Chicago under the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi. On December 2, it made a controlled chain reaction. Five large reactors were built at Hanford, Washington, where U was blasted with neutrons to make plutonium. It was then sent to Los Alamos.

    Since another isotope of plutonium was also fissionable, there was a fear that a chain reaction could start to soon when the pieces of plutonium where brought. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays. Open Document.