Toronto new york comparison essay

Toronto new york comparison essay

 · A rough comparison of two major cities. New York City For years, Toronto and New York City have been pitted against each other in a no-holds-barred comparison to determine which is Author: Eul Basa. At Masters Essay we have the ability to help with all of your academic needs. High School, College, Undergrad, Masters or Doctoral candidate, we handle everything. Do you need help writing a speech, a business report, or a presentation? Well then you've come to . Full cost of living comparison of New York City vs Toronto. Prices and comparisons for the whole range of expenses: food, housing, going out, etc. Updated on Oct  · The scale and complexity of Toronto’s transit system no doubt taught Byford a few valuable lessons he has taken to New York, but what I’m interested in at the moment is what Toronto can learn from New York. In many ways, it is fair to say there is no comparison. The MTA is .  · London and New York. The Big Smoke and the Big Apple. Two of the biggest, most vibrant cities in the world — but which is better? We've already pitted their transport systems against each other in a international battle of the mass transit system (find out the results here).

I had a great apartment in an up-and-coming Brooklyn neighborhood, a job doing work I loved, and an amazing bunch of friends.

London Vs. New York: Which City Is Better?

But after my first 48 hours, I knew I wanted to stay forever. Immigration is a little too complicated for that , but now my wife and I live in Toronto as permanent residents. Basically every building has a concierge.

I can actually get packages delivered now. Of course, if you want something old and quirky, you can rent a Victorian house in neighborhoods like Cabbagetown or the Annex.

In Toronto you can buy a 3 bedroom house on a subway line for a million dollars.

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  • What does a million get you in Manhattan? My last place in Brooklyn had plenty of windows, all of which faced a brick wall.

    New York vs Toronto

    Now I have a skyline view. If owning a place seems like a pipe dream in New York, take a look at Toronto. Instead of a minute commute in a urine-soaked tin can full of crazy preachers and showtime, you can pick between a leisurely minute walk or a quick bike ride or 10 minutes on the subway. Have I mentioned the subway comes every 4 minutes? And every station has a countdown clock. Torontonians think the trains are crowded, but they have no idea what crowded is.

    You can walk a mile in the climate controlled PATH.

    Cost of Living and Prices in Similar Cities

    One time I was on my way to a fancy dinner in Manhattan and got splashed with street water that was strewn with rose petals. It did not smell like roses. No one can argue that New York smells good.

    That hot garbage smell of the summer. The subway smell. The gas leak that is all of Ditmas Park. I have not seen anyone even urinate on the subway in Toronto.

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  • The corner of Lombard and Church smells like sewer gas every time , but overall, Toronto is a lot easier on your nose than New York. Vogue says we have one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world. Life in Toronto is better because you can actually afford it. Toronto has produce that is not on the brink of spoiling.

    Toronto new york comparison essay

    The onions actually have a kick to them. You can do just as well in the north. Forget whatever nonsense you heard. Canadians live longer than Americans. You show them your OHIP card and then they treat you.

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    There are no forms to fill out, no getting lost in the phone tree, no arguing over incorrect billing codes. Trade the abomination that is Penn Station for Union Station. The train to Montreal is a relaxing trip. The commuter trains will take you along the waterfront, past the vineyards, to Niagara Falls. They even have bars at both ends of the journey. Pearson lacks the lines and the screaming TSA agents that makes flying so unpleasant. That view of downtown is meant to be Instagrammed.

    No one cuts me in line.

    Toronto new york comparison essay

    No one shoves me on the subway stairs. Not everyone is trying to rip me off. People care enough to not throw their trash everywhere. Yes, Rob Ford happened, but now we have Justin Trudeau.

    Say goodbye to your commute.

    Canadians are totally in love with New York City. Potential employers are impressed by your experience working for New York companies. Canada as a whole is pretty impressed with New Yorkers.

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  • Immigration officials also believe if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Thanks to Express Entry , you could be sipping cocktails on the Drake Hote l rooftop within a year no affiliation with that other Drake. Ready to make the move? News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us. People around the world dream of living in New York.

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