Awards honors scholarships examples of thesis

Awards honors scholarships examples of thesis

Thesis Proposal Examples The Honors in the Major program requires students to submit a research proposal to the Office of Honors Research prior to enrolling in the Thesis semester. Generally, a scientific research proposal will include a brief introduction to the research topic, a literature review, and a methodology that will explain how the student plans to meet the objectives of the research. Distinguished Honors College Scholar Award. Hours: GPA: (Thesis required) HNRS Thesis Proposal and an Honors Thesis (HNRS or department equivalent /) is required. We encourage students to take as many Honors classes as possible. Remaining hours can be earned through various Honors enrichment opportunities. Allows up to. Scholarships for Seniors. Fulbright U.S. Student Program. Funded by the U.S. Department of State and cooperating Fulbright commissions around the world, the Fulbright U.S. Student Program is the premiere government sponsored program for study, research, and English teaching overseas. For example, if you were one of thirty students to make Honor Roll, but the only student in your school named a National Merit Finalist, prioritize your National Merit award. Also, if your transcript already shows that you had consistently high grades, you might not even need to mention that you were on the honor .

Thesis Proposal Examples

Although undertaking thesis research is hard work, most students report that the thesis is one of their most prized academic achievements.

Professors who work with students on the honors thesis can write meaningful letters of recommendation and may be able to place students in contact with colleagues at other schools or companies. Moreover, graduate schools frequently require writing samples as part of the application process, and an honors thesis frequently serves as the centerpiece for your application for awards, scholarships, or graduate or professional study. In conjunction with your undergraduate degree, the honors thesis signals to potential employers and prospective graduate schools that you have the maturity of intellect that will be applicable to whatever profession you choose.

Your honors thesis provides ample evidence of your ability to pursue independent initiatives and to make a contribution to your profession. For students in liberal arts or laboratory sciences the thesis may be a written piece of work. But writing a thesis differs from writing simply another research paper for two reasons. First, an honors thesis usually entails producing a work that is about pages long, although some—particularly in math and the laboratory sciences—may be shorter.

Second, the thesis should contain original insight into a discipline or body of knowledge. For students in majors such as drama, art, music, film, or engineering, the honors thesis may be a creative endeavor appropriate to the discipline.

For example, an art student might create an exhibition of original works, a film student might produce a documentary, a creative writing student might write a collection of short stories, or an engineering student might design a prototype.

If the honors thesis is a creative work, a substantive written description approximately 15 pages must accompany the project, detailing how the creative work meets the goals of a thesis. We recommend that you view the honors thesis as a two-semester, six-credit project.

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In the first semester of your senior year, you should enroll in directed research or independent study; in the second semester, you should enroll in honors thesis hours. Some departments offer an honors senior thesis which will satisfy the thesis requirement in the University Honors College. If you do choose to write your thesis in one semester, plan ahead! A good background on the subject will give you the running start that you need to complete the thesis in one semester.

The following timetable is offered as a guideline. Students are recommended to begin the thesis research UNHP Advanced Honors Projects or an equivalent course in the major department in the fall of the senior year and complete the thesis UNHP Honors Thesis or an Honors Thesis course in the major department in the spring of the senior year.

Form MUST be submitted before the last day to add a class in the graduating semester.

Public Presentation and Publication

In most cases, the thesis committee will consist of a thesis advisor, who will monitor your progress and grade your work, and another professor who serves as a second reader. Thesis advisors must be full-time, tenure-track faculty members at the University of Memphis, but second readers do not have to be full-time faculty members.

Selecting your thesis advisor is one of the most important decisions that you will make during this process. The two of you must be able to communicate well and cooperate on your endeavor, because you will rely upon your advisor for help, encouragement, and support. The thesis advisor acts as your guide through the process of completing an honors thesis.

The advisor will work with you to refine your interests into a suitable thesis, help you to identify a second reader, meet with you regularly every two weeks is recommended , and read and comment on drafts of the thesis as it develops.

Many students select a thesis advisor from a class or independent study and can connect their thesis topic to work they have already done with the professor.

Awards honors scholarships examples of thesis

Other students may know that a certain professor shares their research interest, but they may not have been enrolled in a course with him or her.

In either case, make an appointment with the professor to discuss your research topic and your desire for that person to serve as your thesis advisor. It is not unusual to speak to several faculty members before finding the right person to direct your thesis. If a professor you visit is too busy or feels unqualified to be your thesis advisor, ask the professor to suggest colleagues who may serve as your advisor.

Awards honors scholarships examples of thesis

Your departmental advisor or the departmental Honors coordinator may also be a good source of information about faculty members who have similar interests to yours or who have served as thesis advisors in the past.

If you do not already have a professor in mind as your second reader, your thesis advisor can usually recommend someone. While you should have a general idea of your thesis topic, it is not necessary to have a definitive proposal before forming your thesis committee.

Think about topics in your course work that interested you. Are there any particular topics that piqued your interest? Alternatively, perhaps you have a particular professor in mind who you think would make an ideal thesis advisor.

Honors Thesis

Schedule an appointment with this professor to talk about his or her research interests. Keep in mind that you will be working on this project for a semester or even an entire year. Thus, it is important that you choose a topic that will hold your interest for this period of time. The Application for Honors Thesis form must be filed with the Honors College office by the third Friday of the semester in which you are enrolled in an honors thesis.

Prior to submission to the Honors College office, the application should be approved and signed by the faculty member responsible for directing the senior honors thesis, and by the departmental honors coordinator if applicable. You must have the approval of the faculty member who serves as the thesis director to register for a thesis course. All Honors College students must enroll in a thesis course. You will need to register for your honors thesis course UNHP or an equivalent honors thesis course in your department during the semester you actually write your thesis.

Please review pages 6 - 10 of the honors thesis handbook for the structure, format and guidelines for the thesis manuscript see below. The following section is intended to assist you in submission of your thesis document. All document fonts must be embedded. Embedding fonts simply means that your font information used to create your document will always look the same way it does when stored in a PDF file. You will receive e-mail notification when your document has been approved by the ETD manager.

Thesis and Project Funding

Your document on the ETD server will be available immediately for public viewing, depending on your requested access level see next section. The UofM hosts an electronic repository that serves as an archive of all theses submitted to the Helen Hardin Honors College.

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    Register for UNHP Advanced Honors Project a permit will be issued when application is approved or register for an honors directed study in another department. Submit draft or sufficient work worthy of 3 hours of research credit to the faculty mentor for approval.

    Faculty member will assign a grade for the course. Submit final copy of the project to the Honors Office to be certified to graduate with University Honors.