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The eight essays in this volume, coedited by Mary Jo Bane, Thornton Bradshaw Professor of Public Policy and Management at the Harvard Kennedy School, and René Zenteno, Professor at the Graduate School of Public Administration and Public Policy at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, represent an important contribution to our knowledge of the social policies and anti-poverty strategies undertaken . Families below poverty level According to the most recent survey, families living below the poverty line in Vicksburg numbered 1,, or percent of the population. The percentage of families in America living below the poverty line was %. May 26,  · Appalachian Poverty Essay. Hunger, homelessness, and lack of health care are major aspects of this world-wide dilemma. Many countries are in complete poverty and a majority are third-world countries. Within the United States of America, a land of plenty, there are also pockets of extreme poverty. Excerpt from Essay: Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies: The Coca-Cola Company Business level and corporate level strategies This paper analyzes the business-level and corporate-level strategies of the Coca-Cola Company in order to identify the most important strategies which have contributed to its success in the past and can help it in competing effectively in the long run. Essays. Remember, you should not hand in any of these essays as your own work, as we do not condone plagiarism! If you use any of these free essays as source material for your own work, then remember to reference them correctly.

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  • Vicksburg, Mississippi is strategically located within a transportation network with unparalleled access to the middle south market. It is located on a major east-west artery of U.

    Interstate 20, and is 30 minutes from U. Interstate 55, the north-south passageway of Middle America. It is positioned miles northwest of New Orleans on the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers, and 40 miles due west of Jackson, the State capital. Vicksburg has a wide variety of people. The city reported the genders of the population as However, African Americans are dominating with The citizens are very educated.

    Vicksburg is ranked 1 nationally in PhDs per capita.

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  • Only 8. The majority Total population: 24, Urban population: 23, all inside urban clusters , Rural population: 1, 31 farm, 1, nonfarm. The temperature in Vicksburg ranges from 40 degrees to 90 degrees. This city is above the national average in precipitation. This area is also known for its tornados. There were 11, in the labor force in Vicksburg at the time of the last complete survey. This represented From the most recent complete survey, the average commute time to work for local residents in Vicksburg was About Per capita income in Vicksburg in the last full census was 16, Per capita income in the U.

    According to the most recent survey, families living below the poverty line in Vicksburg numbered 1,, or The percentage of families in America living below the poverty line was 9.

    Individuals' living below the poverty line in the community was 5,, or 23 percent.

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    The percentage of individuals living beneath the poverty level in the country was Ceres is a fully developed research and industrial interplex located adjacent to Interstate Highway east of Vicksburg, 33 miles from the Jackson International Airport, 29 miles from I Highway, 45 miles from the Nissan automotive plant, and 17 miles from the Port of Vicksburg.

    There is a total of 1, acres at the site, with available for new development. There is also a 64, sf. Housing units in Vicksburg with a mortgage: 2, second mortgage, home equity loan, 17 both second mortgage and home equity loan. Houses without a mortgage: 2, Constructed in , the Vicksburg Water Plant employs nine full time employees. The facility operates 24 hours per day, days per year.

    Plant Superintendent Lamar Heffner, states that he is confident that the facility can meet or exceed drinking water standards for the next ten years without modifications. Currently, the facility produces water that exceeds the standards set for potable water. The facility has eleven raw water wells with a capacity of 2 million gallons per day each.

    The raw water has a total hardness of ppm parts per million , an alkalinity of ppm, ppm iron, a Ph of 6. The plant recently converted to a safer, but effective form of chlorine.

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    Liquid chlorine is now used in the place of numerous cylinders of gaseous chlorine. This protects employees as well as those traveling to and from the harbor project area to the many industrial sites nearby.

    After demand is met, 3 million gallons of finished water is stored at the plant to meet any peak demand that might occur. The plant has two gpm, two gpm and one gpm high service pumps that can be used to move that finished water to homes and industries when needed.

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    The City of Vicksburg Sewer Department is responsible for keeping both the sanitary and storm sewer lines open and flowing. Because of the terrain, the department employs the use of pumps and lift stations to keep the material moving.

    The department regularly cleans and repairs line and pumps to ensure the proper conveyance of the wastewater and the storm water run-off. The City of Vicksburg recently acquired a large vacuum truck that travels throughout the city removing debris from storm drains and collecting grease and other build-up in lines before they pose problems. The liquid and solids that are removed from the sewer lines are disposed of at the wastewater treatment plant and undergo further treatment therein some areas new line and new manholes are placed to deal with aging infrastructure, as funding is available.

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    Special rod machines and high-pressure water machines are used to remove stoppages. The sewer department is responsible for the conveyance of domestic and industrial wastewater and the collection and disposal of storm water. However, did you know that it also maintains and operates the pumping system and floodgates that border the Yazoo Diversion Canal in our Town?

    During the periods of the year that the Mississippi River raises above flood stage the sewer department places the floodgates in the floodwall, operates, and maintains the pumping system that prevents flooding of many businesses and streets in the downtown area and along the entrance to the waterfront.

    All these services and the treatment and disposal of wastewater as well as the recycling of bios lids on local agricultural land are paid for by the user fees collected each month from our customers. Therefore, the small fees that the customers pay each month fund multiple departments and their associated duties.

    The sewer fees customers pay are based on their water consumption. The City of Vicksburg purchases the original gas system in At the time, methane gas was generated and sold to customers. Today natural gas is sold according to market value for residential and industrial customers to use for heating, cooking and various manufacturing processes. Currently the system consists of miles of main lines that supply gas to 9, service connections.

    Approximately 8, customers are served by the system. A gas distribution system is a complex network of interconnected mains fed by regulators and having valves throughout for shutting off or diverting the flow of gas.

    Pressure in the mains may vary from less than one pound to one hundred pounds. Only properly authorized and trained personnel can operate these valves and only then after proper evaluation of how any change might affect the entire system.

    Special care is taken to avoid creation of a hazardous situation and to prevent escalation of an existing problem should one arise. In , the Port of Vicksburg was ranked 11th among U. Inland Ports based on trip ton-miles. Truck traffic alone is in excess of , plus trucks annually.

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    The annual tonnage imported and exported is approximately , to , tons. The above 1, jobs does not include the many truck drivers, boat operators and rail employees working to maintain the Port of Vicksburg.

    The Port of Vicksburg is approximately 55 acres with a potential acres available for future development. The Port of Vicksburg has twenty-one business and industries operating at the Port employing over 4, employees. Located on a slack-water harbor, this acre port consists of the following:. The Port maintains a ton crane, two ton overhead cranes, all weather loading and unloading, and , square feet of insured and sprinkler warehouse space.

    A rail and road loop allows direct access from barge to truck to rail. Liquid warehouse facilities, barge fleeting, and marshalling services, and barge cleaning and refurbishing services are available. A project to enlarge the Yazoo Diversion Canal, our entrance to the Port, just been completed to accommodate our Port resident industries. Entergy is the primary electricity distributor in Warren County. They currently use a diverse fuel mix to keep prices lower.

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  • This diverse fuel mix includes natural gas, nuclear, coal, hydro and purchased energy. They also take advantage of contracts that allow the company to purchase less-expensive power. They work hard to ensure that we do not become too dependent on any one-fuel source. If the costs that Entergy customers pay for fuel is equal to the price that Entergy pays its suppliers for fuel. When fuel prices fluctuate, customer bills reflect these changes.

    However, because fuel consumed in one month is not billed to the customer in the month it is consumed there is a lag. This lag varies by utility company and is determined by the state public service commission.

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    In Mississippi, Entergy Mississippi, Inc. The fuel adjustment consists of two parts: - the projected cost of natural gas for the coming quarter and a true-up of actual cost of natural gas for the prior quarter. The true-up process results in any over- or under-recovery of costs flowing back to customers during the quarter. The Staff reviews the submittal and makes recommendations to the Mississippi Public Service Commission. Entergy earns no profit on fuel.

    Vicksburg offers a wide array of municipal traveling services. Flying is convenient with the Jackson International airport just 50 minutes away. The Port of Vicksburg, owned and operated by the Warren County Port Commission, is a key river port there with a rail and road sphere which allow direct access from barges to trucks to rails. The city of Vicksburg offers public transportation through the NRoute system with operating hours Monday through Friday from 6 a.

    Jackson, MS The average commute time for Vicksburg workers is Approximately 12 fatal motor vehicle accidents occur during until present. Seventy-eight percent of commuters drive their own vehicle alone. Sixteen percent carpool with others. The hospital houses beds and is serviced by over 90 active physicians and hosts 1, employees.