Describe your educational career goals essay for nursing

Describe your educational career goals essay for nursing

Thinking About Your Goals As A Nurse? The short synopsis below is a sample of a nursing career goal paper. Go through it before you start thinking about nursing as a career goal. 1) Why I am Attracted to Nursing The field of nursing attracted me for several reasons. A nurse is the front line person in caring for others and saving lives. Describe your educational goals. Explain your choice of career and what qualifications, skills, and talents you feel you have for your chosen field. Include your plans for financing your education. (If necessary, you may add one additional page for your educational goals.) 1. Describe your educational goals. 2. Career Progression: Career Goals Essay Words | 4 Pages. Career progression is the aim for most workers, but career development is not something most of us think regularly. But without proper understanding of what we want from our career and how we can achieve our goals quicker, we can quickly end up dissatisfied with our jobs. Scholarship Application Essay Example. Downloads. Describe your academic and career goals and your plans to achieve them and discuss any of your extracurricular/volunteer activities (both on and off campus) that you may perform. Can you offer an essay about career goals? Yes of course! We can offer you any kind of essay about career goals; it’s all upon your order. Business schools, for instance, would need you to do a career goal essay as a way to evaluate your career goals; these institutions want to know how you plan to make the world a better place as you leave their campuses.

Educational and Career Goals

As the oldest of five girls and living in a single-parent household, I was taught responsibility from a very early age. New to this country sixteen years ago, my mom depended on me to run the house and take care of my sisters, while she worked two jobs to support my family.

Rather than veering the wrong way, like statistics show occurs with the impact of single parenting, I was determined to find a balance to successfully thrive and live a lucrative life. Through my high school years, I began to realize that the same qualities and actions in my personal life would prove me successful in the field of nursing.

Describe your educational career goals essay for nursing

As a result of my past, I am able to manage stress in a healthy way and believe the rigorous and intense demands of nursing match my capabilities. Today, as a newly Registered Nurse graduate, I have essential goals that I hope to undertake for as long as I am a nurse.

One of my most important goals is to attain core characteristics that define a successful nurse. My second goal is to commit myself to lifelong learning.

Third, I want to provide ongoing community service to those in need of medical assistance. A nurse should also be able to explain in her own words what she believes demarcates success in her career.

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It is my belief that nursing deals with the whole person—body, mind, and soul. It is without a doubt a physically demanding job, but equally as important is the demand for emotional input. My past academic performance, as well as my personal qualities, provides the foundation for my career. A core characteristic needed in the nursing field is teamwork and just as vital is the remembrance that nurses are the liaison between the patients and the doctors.

Scholarship Essay Examples – Career Goals

Not only is it important to work well in a team, but it is also significant to seek out help when necessary. Another important quality is the understanding of diversity and the importance of acknowledging and honoring, rather than judging or ignoring, what makes people different. Regardless of how stressed or overwhelmed a person might feel, it is imperative to pay attention to detail to avoid sentinel events or near misses. These are crucial qualities that I hope to attain as a nurse and important goals to conform to throughout my years as a registered nurse.

Part of being a nurse is the application of knowledge and the continuation of learning.

Educational And Career Goals (Essay Sample)

My goal is to make it a point to stay current on education by taking courses, attending conferences, obtaining certifications, as well as joining meaningful nursing organizations.

It is also a goal of mine to be a competent nurse. By this I mean to understand the rationale behind everything I do. I believe it is important for a nurse to strive for no medication errors or math errors, for example.

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  • This will give a nurse the confidence and the ability to think twice and reduce any nurse slip-ups. By completing this goal, I am advancing my career and expanding my effectiveness as a prosperous nurse. My third and last goal is to provide ongoing community service to those in need of medical assistance and are less fortunate.

    Describe your educational career goals essay for nursing

    It has always been a wish for me to give back to the community or even to travel to impoverished countries to lend a hand. Once I have attained enough nursing skills, I plan to register with disaster registries as well as disaster response organizations. It would be an honor for me to serve deprived and needy people, a way to further define my own meaning of being a registered nurse.

    Not only am I providing others with comfort, but I am also enhancing my aptitude and preparation in the medical field. This allows me a chance to interact with various people from different backgrounds and provides me with assurance to why I do what I do.

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    Conclusively, choosing nursing as a career was a result of past experiences, which allowed me to obtain essential qualities to what I believe ascertains a successful nurse. With that being said, I established important goals to remain on this path for success. With these goals of attaining important qualities, continually learning, and volunteering, I hope to acquire the characteristics needed to provide my patients satisfaction with their care. Not only am I responsible for coordinating their care, through assessment and identification of their needs, but it is also my duty to become an advocate for my patients.

    Resource: American Nurses Association, Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice.

    Describe your educational career goals essay for nursing

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